Scene Painting


Class meets Friday 1:55PM - 3:55PM

Modern Theatre

Final Exam:

Friday, December 18, 2:00 - 4:30

Professor Richard W. Chambers

Office: Sawyer 1228

Office Hours: By Appointment



Phone: 617-305-1722 (better to email me)     

Course Prerequisites: None

Credits: 4

Course Description:

A practical, hands-on, studio-style course in drawing, lay-out, and painting as it applies to scenic art for the theatre.

Health and Safety:

This is a fully On-Campus-Only, “face-to-face” course. In the current situation, we must keep each other safe. Your cooperation with and adherence to state, local, and university health guidelines is essential and required. Students are expected to follow face covering requirements at all times when on campus. If a student refuses to comply with the policy, noncompliance will fall under the Community Standards and Student Affairs will consider appropriate disciplinary action.

Class Structure:

This class meets only ONCE per week and is a studio course with in-class projects. There is very little in the way of homework (but there is some), so attendance is mandatory and necessary. Come to class!

There is no text, but there are some art materials that you must buy.

It is essential that you have the necessary materials with you for each class. It is your responsibility to possess what is on the materials list in the syllabus and to be sure that you have the correct materials with you for class.

The course makes extensive use of a class web site, located at, for assignment sheets and examples. Please log in and bookmark the site.

The syllabus is broken into several units. Within each unit, there is some flexibility to the completion of the work. However, the work of the unit must be completed by the end of the unit. The concepts and skills in the coursework is cumulative, so it is important that any missed work be completed as soon as possible.

It will be necessary for you to help set up the tables at the beginning of class. Please do not be late. It will be necessary for you to help strike the tables at the end of class. Please do not leave this for others. It is necessary that you clean up your work table and dispose of all trash before leaving the classroom.

Each class will be in two (or three) segment, A & B, with a ten-minute break between them, followed by cleanup. The length of the segments is not necessarily equal, but will fit the needs of the work at hand.

New projects will be painted over old projects. Take photos to preserve your work.

In order to keep the appropriate distance between people in the classroom, please don't move the furniture.