Advising is an important part of your university experience; don’t underestimate its value to you.

At an advising session you will gain academic advice designed to help you meet your interests and focus your college goals, as well as complete your academic requirements.

Your advisor has information and resources available to help you make decisions, solve problems, and plan for the future.

You have two advisors availble to you here at Suffolk: Your assigned academic advisor from your major—with whom it is required that meet each semester—and any of the advisors at the Office of Undergraduate Advising on the 9th floor of 73 Tremont.

Your Seminar for Freshman professor is also your faculty mentor and can be very helpful in answering questions and guiding you through the process of advising.

I will post advising hours on a sign-up sheet outside my office each week during the advising period. Please sign up early for an appointment for a formal session about your class schedule and your academic plans, or just an informal chat about how things are going.



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