Paint Elevation Examples


Paint Elevations should include:

-     A painted sample, in scale or full scale, of the painted surface finish.

-     Color swatches large enough to match paint to (about 1.5").

-     Notes regarding the paint process, technique, or other importnat information.

-     Research examples if appropriate.

-     A title block including name of show, theatre/ producer, director, and designer, scale of sample, date.

-     Names or numbers for paint swatches.

-     Can be painted directly on vellum illustration board, or sample can be painted on Bristol board or Xerox copy and twin-tacked to illustration board or mat board.

-     Elevations should be covered with mylar, both to protect the evelation and to allow the scenic artists to easily mix paint to the swatches.

-     Surfaces and be textures, scored or layered if that makes the elevation more descriptive.

-     See Paint Elevation Layout page