Unappetizing Restaurant Project


Everybody loves to go out to eat, right? There are restaurants for every imaginable taste. Many of these restaurants have a particular theme, but all the good ones have been taken.

It's your job to design a proposal for a new experience: Boston's Most Unappetizing New Restaurant.

The elements for you to consider are:

The location: Where would you situate your new restaurant that would be just awful?

The food: Think of both distateful individual dishes and the entire, awful menu concept.

The staff: Who are the appalling wait staff, the filty cooks, the surly front desk, the obnoxious bar tenders?

The decor: Not only the decorations, but how the restaurant is laid out for the most unappealing effect.

The "environmental experience": How do all of the elements combine to create a "singular" experience for the customer. What will you call your new restaurant?

There's a lot to think about here! Bon Apetite!