Dear SF1161 Students:

My name is Professor Richard Chambers, I'm a union set designer and have designed over 250 professional shows includiong plays, musicals, operas, and industrials and I teach design and theatre literaure in the Theatre Dept.

Now that I've told you a little bit about me, please answer the following questions and return to me as soon as you can. This is your first “assignment”, so it's a real "thing". Please DON'T “reply all”—this is just for you and me; it will help me to know a bit about you before we start.

Copy and paste these questions into a Word doc., answer them, print them, and hand them in at the next class. This way I'll get to know you—and the class as a whole—better. (I don't think I've asked anything particularly personal, but if you feel I have, just don'tanswer that question. anything

1: What is your “official” name? (The name on my class list.)

2: What name do you prefer to be called?

3: What is your “home” address?

4: What is your Suffolk email address and an alternate email (in case there's a problem with Suffolk's system)?

5: What sorts of things are you interested in and like to do: hobbies, sports, etc.?

6: If you have or have had a job, what sorts of things have you done?

7: What do you hope to gain from this class?

8: Why did you chose Suffolk University?

9: What is your major? Are you “sure” about this choice or are you still exploring? Please tell my why.

10:  What do you think you want to do for a career, and why?

11. Anything you're worried about? Anything you're excited about?

12. Tell me something(s) about yourself that I would be interested in knowing, or that I should know, or that you just want to tell me.

Student Questionnaire