Your final project for the class will be a binder that contains various analyses of Winter People by Laura Neill. You may have done some of the assignments already for this play*, but you should revise and improve them based on the feedback from your original submission and only put clean, revised copies in the binder.

You will have completed some other analyses for different plays and these should be used as models for the final analyses of Winter People.

The binder will contain the following analyses of the selected play:

1.)    A World of the Play Paper

2.)    A Scene Breakdown

3.)    A Character Analysis of six charachters from the play*

4.)    Motif , Image, and Theme Analysis*

5.)    A Production Analysis*


Pick a binder of an appropriate size: a 1/2"  binder should be sufficient. (Please do not put this project in a huge binder!)

All documents should be typed in 12 pt font, with one inch margins and hole-punched to fit in the binder.

Proofread your writing!

A cover page with your name, your student ID number, the project name, the course, my name, and the date submitted should be the first page of the binder (or on the cover if you have a binder with a clear pocket—I actually prefer this).

The Final Project Binder is due on the date of the final exam.

Final Binder

Project Assignment