Prior to starting this assignment, read chapter 1 in the Ferguson text.

You will need to find three reviews of a play on line. Read them carefully making note of inconsistencies and similarities between the reviews. You should specifically make note of the following things:

     -Hints of the personal bias of the reviewer.

     -The difference between a critique of the script and a critique of the performance.

     -Factual errors (that you can determine from research or by comparison).

     -Critique that is substantiated by example and critique that seems to be pure opinion.

     -A negative or positive "tone" to the review.

     -Reference to any of the design elements of production.

Write a three page paper analyzing the reviews and comparing them to each other.

Your paper should be formatted as follows:

Your papers should have a brief, introductory paragraph that lays out your ideas, a middle section of several paragraphs that is a development of those ideas, and a concluding paragraph that sums up your assertions and arguments. You should make "A/B/C" comparisons of 3-4 individual topics among the reviews. I will give you a handout in class and we will discuss a basic topic/subject comparison format. Refer to the in-class handout to help you with the structure. However you choose to proceed, I will be looking for clearly organized arguments leading to a well-supported conclusion.

Revise and edit this paper down to make it as concise and informative as possible. As always, it should be double-spaced and in 12 point font, have one inch margins and an MLA header, have page numbers and cite any quotations or sources in MLA style. Please staple in the upper left corner.

Grading will be based on content, but also on form:


Have you followed a clear compare/contrast structure? Have you supported your assertions? Is there a clear, informative intro. and a conclusion?


Are there page numbers, 1” margins, staple, appropriate length? Did you follow the compare/contrast format accurately?


Are there spelling, continuity, or punctuation errors? Are all of your quotes and references clearly cited? Does the paper comply with all of the requirements on the assignment sheet?

Seminar Review Analysis Paper