Write a review of a production you have seen with the class. Use the Ferguson textbook to guide you, as well as your review analysis project. You may NOT use current published reviews of this play as your example—make this your own work.


     -Two pages, double spaced, one inch margins, twelve point font, page numbers, stapled in upper left corner, appropriate support as needed.

     -Proof-read your work.

     -Due dates are specified in the syllabus.

Discussion Points and Writing Process:

Take notes at intermission or immediately after the show. Save your program as a reference.

The review can be less formal in tone than an essay, but do not use slang expressions except in reference to any slang used in the play. Do not be flippant or cruel in your assessment of the production or performances. The review is written from a personal point of view, but it should intelligent and well informed, not demeaning (no matter how bad you thought it was).

Write a rough draft as soon after the performance as you can so the impression it made is still fresh in your mind. Just “bang it out”. Later, you can revise and refine your work.

Be sure to support your assertions or opinions as much as possible with specific examples from the production. If there is a script available, refer to it to be sure of accuracy in      your statements. If not, try to scribble down quotes as they happen. If you can't get the exact quote, refer to it in a more general way. If you are aware of other works by this playwright or these performers, it might be useful to reference them as well.

You can't cover every character or aspect of the production in a short review. Be selective about what you choose to write about. Three or four main points is all you can reasonably cover. While this is primarily a performance review, if it is a new script, it is appropriate to spend time discussing its qualities as well as that of the performance.

Include a sense of the audience's reaction to the performance. (Remember, you are a member of the audience!) Step back from your own experience of the production from time to time to sense objectively what is going on around you in the room. This can help to make the review more meaningful to a potential theatre-goer.

As always, the review should include an introduction that tells us basic information, like what the production is, where it is being performed, and who the director is. It should also give a hint as to your opinion of the play (your thesis) to "tease" the reader to continue reading. There should also be a conclusion that inculdes a brief summary of your thoughts and your recommendation about the play.

  Review Paper