Empathy Maps of Local Businesses


Observe a local business or service from the list below and make observations of what is said, done, thought, and felt. Come back to class after a half hour and develop an empathy map on the white boards of what you observe and intuit, then report.

The Registrar's offices 73T 6th Floor

The Bursar's office 73T 6th Floor

The cafeteria in Somerset

The cafeteria in Sawyer

The elevator lobby in Sawyer

The elevator lobby in 73 Tremont

The Suffolk Book Store on Tremont Street

Office of Academic Advising on the 9th floor of 73T

The Capitol Coffee House on Bowdoin Street

The Dunking Donuts on Tremont street at Bowdoin

The park outside of the Statehouse on Bowdoin

The Suffolk/ Sawyer Library checkout desk