Watch the interview "The Characters Start Talking" on Youtube at

You should research the panelists to find out what plays they have written and other useful information about them.

Take notes on what the playwrights say (note the time stamp for each comment you take a note on so you can go back to it):

-What points do they agree or disagree on? What do you think about this?

-Does their age or experience make a difference in what they say or not? why do you think this is so?

-Where do they get their ideas come from? Can you relate to this?

-How do they seem to relate to each other—as competitors or as colleages? What do you think about this?

-What do they say about the business or the "making" of theatre? Does anything surprise you?

-Are there similarities or differences between what these playwrites are saying about their work and what our guest playwrights have said?

. . . and, what do you recognize in what they say that is similar to or different from your own process with writing? What have you learned from this?

My experience with this paper is varied—some students really hook into it, others not so much ;- ) It should be at least two to three pages, and probably no more that four. I've given a fair amount of time for you to write what could be a straight-forward response paper; I expect your thoughful and considered work.

Playwrite Interview:

The Characters Start Talking

Response Paper