Required Text

Light on the Subject by David Hays

Recommended Text

Lighting and the Design Idea by Linda Essig (This is expensive, so try to find it used.)


You can buy all of the art supplies at any art store such as Dick Blick or Utrecht, or possibly even Michael's or A.C. Moore.

1     Notebook

1     Tape measure: 16' or longer. Should be marked with feet and inches

     (Go to a hardware store and buy a decent one.)

1           8” Adjustable “Crescent” wrench. (Go to a hardware store and buy a good one.)

1     Scale ruler: Alvin 12” triangular Architect's scale. Also available at Staples.

               NOTE: Architect's Scale! It should have 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc. on it. (If it says 10,

     20, 30, 40, etc. it's the wrong one . . .)

1           9”x12” Sketchbook: Strathmore 300 series is fine.

1           White  Pastel Pencil(s): Conte or other.

1           Drawing Pencil: Staedtler Lumograph, 6B (You'll probably want a 4B, 2B, and a B,


1         Soft Vinyl Eraser: Sanford/Prismacolor Mag

THETR 359:

Texts and Materials