THETR 266:


Homework Questions



Answer the following questions as thoughtfully and completely as you can in a couple of typed pages. Use one inch margins and double-space with 12 point font. Spell-check and proof-read your work. (Remember that titles of full-length plays are italicized.)

Papers may be printed on both sides. If more than one page is used, put your name on all sheets and staple the papers together in the upper left corner.

Include a typical MLA header with the title of the assignment, the name of the class, your name, and the date at the upper left of the page.

Read the question carefully and be sure to answer all parts of a question completely.


1)     What are the sylistic elements that indicate that Machinal is an expressionistic play? In what ways might a performance and design of Machinal support this?

2)     Do you think Machinal is relevant as a work of theatre in today's society? Be explicit as to why or why not.

3)     How is Helen similar to or different from some other female protagonists we have studied?