Guest Response Paper



There will be several guests visiting the class. After each visit you will write a brief (1-2 pages) response paper discussing what you found helpful or interesting about the guest(s), what questions were raised by their presentation, and whether the information they provided was relevent to you as a BA theatre student. Of course, you may also find that the presentations were not as useful as you might like, and that is important to discuss, as well. In all cases, be specific with your critique. Take notes during class.


-     One to two pages, double spaced, one inch margins, twelve point font, appropriate cover page,

        page numbers, appropriate quotations as needed, MLA header upper left corner of first page.

-     Use correct names, positions, and terminology.

-     Due dates are specified in the syllabus.


Grading will be based on:

-       Writing style, grammar and punctuation.

-       Thoughtfulness of assessment.

-        Support for assertions from direct and specific evidence and quotes.

If you misse a presentation, there is no way to make it up and you will not receive a grade for this project.