Boston and New England Arts Resources



Find 6 web sites for theatre and cultural groups or services in Boston or New England that include arts resources and career opportunities in the theatre. Provide a URL for each site, write a synopsis of each, and assess their usefulness.

Example (You may not use this cultural site in your homework):

Arts and


Website for the Arts And Culture department of the City of Boston. " Our office enhances the quality of life, the economy, and the design of the City through the arts. The role of the arts in all aspects of life in Boston is reinforced via equitable access to arts and culture in every community, its public institutions, and public places. Key areas of work include support to the cultural sector through grants and programs, as well as the production and permitting of art in public places."

Includes links to Current Opportunities; News; Newsletter; Artist Resource Desk; Public Art; The Strand Theatre; Boston Creates; Grant Opportunities; Other Programs; and Meet the Staff


A clear, well organized site providing information about the various opportunities and services offered through the Arts and Culture department of the city of Boston. Contact information and hyperlinks to the various pages are on the main page. The "Other Programs" page includes links to Alternative spaces for artists, City Hall Galleries, Cultural Districts, the King Memorial, Open Studios and a link to the Poet Laureate.

An easy to use, informative, and useful resource.