Final Binder Project


The final binder will include all of the elements of your design for the assigned play.

Most of these assignments will have been done in class and returned to you with comments and grades. The items in the binder are NEW DOCUMENTS that are updated, corrected, and improved. You should be working in the binder—revising and expanding the assignments as they are returned, building the binder itself, developing the concept of the production—throughout the class. Don't leave the whole thing until the last minute.

The binder will receive its own grade as your final project

You should look at this project as though you are designing or directing a fully realized production production; all of the design elements for a realized production of a one-act play in the Sullivan Studio Theatre should be in it. The project is not about your "directorial vision"; it is a final project in a design class that needs to express all of the elements of scenery, costumes, sound, and lights that can be brought to bear in a "dramtically realistic" production of the play. I need to know that you can analyze the text and apply research to the final product in a complete and realistic way.

Do Not put your work in clear pocket sheets; I can't make comments that way.


For the year 2020:

This year, all the documents for your final project, listed below, should put in a folder labeled THETR151-Final Design Project-Your Name and be emailed to me.

The Subject line of the email should also read THETR151-Final Design Project-Your Name.

All documents must be in Word format unless otherwise stated.

- Design approach statement. (Word doc.)

- Ground plan of set design in scale on gridded plan of Sullivan studio theatre. You will need to scan this as a pdf. or take a very well lit, full frame photo of it.

- Set design research for Bernie's appartment. (Photos in a Word doc.)

- Prop list (Word doc.)

- Prop research (Photos in a Word doc.)

- Lighting cues (Word doc.)

- Lighting research (Photos in a Word doc.)

- Sound cues (Word doc.)

- Costume given circumstances of characters (Word doc.)

- Costume list (Word doc.)

- Costume research (Photos in a Word doc.)

- Any further supporting research, sketches, swatches, etc. that you want to include. (Photos in a Word doc.)