Costume Design Project


For the assigned play, provide ALL of the following:

Given Circumstances:

Given Circumstances are those things, given in the script, that control or affect the choices a costume designer must make about a character. You must provide A description of and justification for the design for each character supported by the following given circumstances:


-Time of day/year/date


-Ages of characters

-Socioeconomic factors

-Multiple roles (do any of the actors play more than one character?)

-Special requirements/ indications of the script (ie. doubling)

-Level of reality

-Feeling or mood of the play

How do the given circumstances of each character affect and inform the design choices. Be complete and detailed in your description. For example:


The period is the the high Victorian of 1870's in America. (eg: Briefly describe how the costumes reflect this style period. This may also have an effect on the age of the characters—a sixty year old in 1870 might be considered "older" from one in the current age.)


The time is 6:00 PM of a clear day in late March in 1872. (eg: Briefly describe how the costumes reflect this time of year/ day. The date will have an effect on the amount of sunlight at 6:00PM, the weather or temperature at that time of day, and the activities that the charachters might engage in.)


A well-to-do neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. (eg: Briefly describe how the costumes reflect this region and environment—March in Boston, MA is different from March in Savannah, GA. This will relate to socio-economic factors, as well.)

etc. . . . Continue with remainer of the given circumstances listed above.

Costume List:

A list of all costume pieces, one list for each character. (Can be on the same page.)

Visual Research:

Color visual research for each costume piece.

Put these photos in a WORD doc.

Visual research for what each character would look like (Find an actor you would cast).

Label the items and give any specific details.

Remember, it's the 70's!


Typed, 12pt font, 1"margins, spell-checked.

Research either embeded into a word document and printed IN COLOR.

If color research for a period play is not available, use a B&W illustration with separate color research. Sewing patterns are sometimes and interesting approach.