Honors SF's are required to participate in the end-of-semester Honors Symposium. This is the assignment sheet for our class's group project.


A poster on a tripod exploring and explaining your group's particular analysis topic.

We will work on this in class and you will finalize the presentation outside of class.

The project will be completed and presented by groups of three students per group.

The project will be presented at the Fall Honors Symposium, Wednesday, December 13 from 1:00-2:30 in the Sargent Hall Function Room. 

The project is directly applicable to your final project (. . . at least a part of it)

Group Topics:

1     Reviews

2     World of the play and production analysis

3     Scene breakdown and data mapping

4     Character analysis

5     Motif, image, and theme analysis

6     Performance and talk-backs with the artists

Poster Guidelines:

Each poster will include:

I      A header with the class, the name of the play, your topic, and your names, as well as a Suffolk Logo.

II     The definition and description of your analysis method (eg. character analysis). This should be seen as a          

         "framing statement", which tell the observer what the project is all about.

III     Scope of project: desibe the parts of your analysis project, the analytical methods, the plays you will

          reference, etc.

IV     Actual examples of the analysis

V       Supporting data: charts, photos, research, etc.

VI     Conclusions, interpretations, and/ or implications of your work.

See the Honors Symposium Poster Information Handout for more information.

Symposium Project