A character analysis can encompass the whole play or can be written scene by scene. In this assignment we will concern ourselves with the former. You will want to include information from specific scenes in order to support your analysis, but you should consider the full arc of the character in your writing.

In some ways, this assignment combines both the World of the Play and the Given Circumstances in that both larger issues and individual givens must be considered. The process could also be applied to set design in the way that environment affects and is affected by character, and it is very easily applied to costume design. You may want to include references to those design elements in your analysis, but the assignment is specifically focused on elements of character that the actor will bring to bear through their actions.


A description of each character—age, gender (if appropriate), distinguishing characteristics,      effects of environment on or impairment of physicality, relationship to other characters, personal quirks, social or cultural identity, etc.

The super-objective(s) of each character*

The action(s) each character engages in to reach their super-objective

The obstacles in the way of each characters' actions

The obstacles should relate to the actions and the actions should relate to the super-objective.

*If there are individual, scene by scene objectives that are pertinent, you may include those as well, but super-objective is the focus here.


The paper should be typed in 12 pt font, with one inch margins, have an MLA header in the upper left, and be stapled in the upper left corner. It should be edited and proof-read before submission. Any resources that you use must be cited.

Please follow the format and headings above for each character assigned. This is a working document; it should not be an "essay"—in fact, that is probably the least useful format for this. Be clear, simple and direct in answering each heading.

THETR 461:

Character Analysis