From the following list of "classic" lighting designers (working as the first and second generation of lighting desgners in the 1940's - 90's) select Four lighting designers to write a research paper about.

The research on these designers will likely take a bit of digging—this is not one you can just "bang out". You will likely need to use more than just the "general internet". You will need to use reviews from shows, interviews in theatre magazines, watch youTube videos, and make use of the databases through the Sawyer Library. The research librarians should be able to help you (and I will alert them that this assignment is coming). Much of this information will likely come from interviews and reviews for newspapers and magazines.

I'm interested in what they did that was innovative or influential, who they worked with, what productions they designed, what they have said about lighting design, and why they are considered great designers. The four designers do not have to be linked in anyway, but it would be nice if they did—if one designer worked as an assistant to another, or if one sought to "break the mould" set by the other, that would be a good hook to organize the paper around. Some of the designers on the list are still working today, though they are older. If you find another major designer that you want to write about, email me and I'll see if it fits the assignment. You may include other younger, contemporary designers if they were influenced by these designers and they have something pertinent to say about the older designers.

List of Lighting Designers to Choose From:

Jean Rosenthal

Tharon Musser

Richard Pilbrow

Jules Fischer

Jennifer Tipton

Roger Morgan

John Gleason

David Hersey

Ken Billington

Don Holder


-Word format only

-At least eight credible, reliable, sources (ie: two for each designer); cite all references in MLA format.

-MLA header on first page, page numbers, 12pt font, 1" margins, proofread.

-Five to seven pages.

-Email paper to me in Word format with your name included in the file name.

-See Syllabus scedule for further info.

-Email me your final paper, in Word format, to

The subject line of the email should read: "THETR359 Homework: Title of project/student(s) name/student ID#"

THETR 359:

Classic Lighting Designers Research Paper