Your participation in class and group projects is indispensable to your learning process and the success of the class. There will be reading and writing in this class in addition to class participation. You are required to see the Spring Showcase and the Spring Main-stage Production.


Students will be evaluated in the following areas:

Homework: The homework for the class will be both reflective and review papers, and the writing and revising of resumes and cover letters. A performance of at least one play in Boston must be attended.

Homework not originally turned in on time may not be turned in later than two weeks after the due date unless there are extenuating circumstances and an arrangement for the completion of the work has been made with the professor. Late work will be graded down one third of a grade.

All homework and papers must be word-processed with 12 point font, double spaced and with one inch margins. Put your name, the name of the class, my name, and the title of the assignment in the upper left corner of your paper. Spell-check and proof-read your work!

Put your name on your homework!

Class Presentation & Discussion: Discussion in class is an important part of the course. Your willingness to answer questions and join in the discussion will be noted and may affect your grade.

Review:  You will be required to see The Spring Showcase and write a 2-3 page review of the production.

Response Paper: You will be required to see The Spring Production and write a 3-4 page paper about the production. Essentially this is a “response paper” in which you will analyze and describe whether or not the production contributes to or detracts from the playwright's intentions. It is appropriate to do research on the play and playwright, and reference any reviews that may be available. Your ticket stub must be stapled to the paper.

Reflection Paper: As listed in the syllabus, you will write a 2-3 page reflection paper about how you decided to become a theatre major and why you came to Suffolk.

Grading Policy: Homework, and papers will be graded A-F. Stylistically, all papers for this class are to be considered formal.  Proofread your work.

Grade percentages are:

Resume:                       20 Percent of final grade

Cover letter:                20 Percent

Reflection Papers:     20 Percent

Review:                       20 Percent

Response Paper:        20 Percent

After the grades for the homework, tests, and papers are averaged, attendance is taken into consideration. Incompletes are given rarely and only as the result of serious and unusual circumstances. The professor reserves the right to take into consideration any special conditions beyond this grading policy that may apply to a fair and balanced evaluation of a student.

Select assignments in this course may be used by our accreditation team for institutional assessment purposes and will be handled confidentially.

Attendance Policy: This class meets once per week.  For purposes of grading, each absence in excess of two (two weeks) will lower your grade 1/3 point (A to A-, etc.) Three “lates”—later than 15 minutes—will equal one absence. A serious family matter, serious illness, injury, or a chronic condition is necessary to be excused beyond this policy.

Communication:   I will be communicating with you from time to time via email. You need to check your Suffolk University email address regularly, ie: every day. I will not be sending email to any other account.

In the event that the university cancels classes (such as for severe weather) or the professor's absence, students are expected to continue with homework as originally scheduled which is due at the next class meeting. In lieu of class time, the videos below should be watched. The professor will contact you via email, so be sure to check. If you do not receive an email from me, please contact me.

American Theatre Wing Videos

Working in the Theatre: Odd Jobs

Special Effects Designer:

Wig Maker:

House Manager:

Marketing Director:

Press Representative:

THETR 191:

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